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OGP 2009

Total Performance has together with Classic Racing Sweden once again been at Oldtimers Grand Prix at Nürburgring in Germany. This year the weather was very much with us as we had wonderful weather with sun and blue sky when we needed that and mist so no races could run when we needed that... :o).

On Thursday we had free training on the GP track and the car runned very well and our drivers Thomas Henrysson and Stig Blomqvist was very much satisfied.

On Friday morning it was time training on Nordschleife and that was done with good result. Thomas Henrysson started to drive in the Marathon race and did very well, 2nd place in class, until a little Alfa Romeo refused to move when the Galaxie wanted to drive by. Thomas gave him a small touch the unfortunately had very bad consequences as the cooler broke and the engine over heated. He had to stop by the side and get lift back to the pit. So no more racing that day...
Our mechanics started to analyse the car and found out that they had to rebuild the cooling system as the expansion vessel and the cooler was broken. The cooler was changed to a new one and the expansion vessel was also replaced.
After some test driving in the Eifel woods as the track was closed for the night we went to bed.

In the morning the the engine was started and we found out that the cylinder head gaskets also needed to be changed. Lucky for us the weather was bad with very bad mist so no racing. The mechanical team once again did a fantastic work (with some help from both our guests and the hospitality team). Just before the race started they managed to have the engine back together again so Stig Blomqvist could race. He had to start from the pit as we were late for the start but he managed to overtake many cars and finished the race on 9th position.

Peter Sundfeldt drove the last race on Sunday and had 5th start position in the grid. He did very well until he was a bit too heavy on the throttle and managed to do a 360 spin in the Kuhmo turn after the start/goal straight. He lost 5 poistions but managed to overtake 4 of these again so he did ok.
We had a wonderful weekend and our guests was as us very satisfied when they went back home on Sunday. This year we had the first ever crayfish party at Nürburgring and maybe also in Germany.
You can see pictures from the event in our gallery below (Click the 'square' at left in the picture gallery viewer to display the pictures in full screen mode). Enjoy!

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